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Consistent manufacturing system

Our company operates an in-house integrated response system from development to design and manufactur.
From the customer's point of view, we support society's 'manufacturing' with high-precision, user friendly testing equipment.

  • Development

    The company develops its own testing equipment from hardware to software, including board and harness design and software programming.

  • Design

    The testing machines are also designed in-house by ourselves, therefore it is also available for custom-designed, for example, when long stroke tests are required. Jigs and other component units are also designed in-house.

  • Manufacture

    The manufacturing process is based on a strict checklist. The company also works closely with the Quality Assurance Department for interim inspections, etc., to ensure the manufacture of high quality products.

Quality Assurance (QMS)

A strict QMS has been established based on ISO 9001.
In addition to preventing the recurrence of equipment problems, improvements are solicited on daily and are systematically rooted in improvements that also take customer requirements into account.

Quality Policy

  • Keep abreast of customer needs and provide quality products and services.
  • Regular education and training to ensure the transfer of skills, fair and impartial calibration work, and overall skill development.
  • Constantly strive to maintain and improve technical competency, safeguard the quality of exemplary professional work, testing, and calibration, and ensure high standards.
  • Comply with laws, standards and regulations (requirements).
  • Safeguard conformity with ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 and continuously improve the effectiveness of the QMS.


  • Spring Tester

    Automatic Spring Tester PRO Series Table-top type

    The PRO series is a spring testing machine designed for spring testing under all conditions to evaluate spring characteristics automatically. For example, it is ideal for compression and tension characteristic tests of springs such as coil and disc springs.
    The load measurement and length accuracy are based on measurement technology cultivated over many years, providing high functionality and high accuracy with traceability.

  • Spring Tester

    Automatic Spring Tester PRO Series Twin Column type

    The PRO series is a spring testing machine designed for spring testing under all conditions to automatically evaluate spring characteristics. For example, it is ideal for compression and tension characteristic tests of springs such as coil springs and disc springs.
    The load measurement and length accuracy are based on measurement technology cultivated over many years, providing high functionality and high accuracy with traceability.

  • Spring Tester

    Automatic Torsion Spring Tester PRO-T and PRO-TT series

    This tester is used to perform load/torque tests and characteristic tests on torsion coil springs (torsion springs).
    Load and torque can be measured by inputting the angle, and the S (Special) grade can measure the angle based on the specified torque.
    Like the PRO series, all models comply with JIS B 7738 'Coil spring compression and tension tester' grade 0.5 (highest grade).
    This machine has been patented as a torsion spring testing machine with high reproducibility under (PAT.4090398).

  • Automatic Load Tester

    Automatic Load Tester MAX series

    The MAX series is equipped with a large full-colour LCD screen, enabling a series of measurements to be completed using only the main unit, from creating conditions to drawing graphs in real-time during testing to judgement work and statistical processing.
    The USB connection to a PC enables operation and management from the PC, making it possible to perform even more complex tests.

  • Automatic Load Tester

    Combination Feeling Tester CFT

    This feeling tester can measure the operating force of parts of devices with complex shapes, such as in-vehicle combination switches.
    Equipped with a torque sensor and two load sensors, the tester can perform torque measurement, push measurement, and strength testing in a single unit.
    The tester combines measurement technology developed over many years for torque measurement, load measurement, and length accuracy, and offers traceable, high-functionality, and high-precision testing equipment.

  • Torque Tester

    Automatic Torque Tester MAX-T series

    This torque tester is capable of carrying out tests related to various types of torque and angular displacement. Selecting from a variety of attachments and software, it is a powerful tool for quality control and research and development.
    In addition to the basic function of torque testing, it can flexibly handle angle-current, angle-voltage, angle-resistance, etc. by connecting to other instruments using a PC.
    A total of six types are lined up: three types by the load capacity of the main unit and two types by grade.
    There is also a MAX-TU20NM, a top-rotating type that can be used for workpieces of various shapes.

  • Screw Clamping Force Tester

    Screw Clamping Force Tester NST series

    "The tester is designed specifically for screws and nuts and is capable of measuring clamping force, tightening torque, thread torque, tightening rotation angle, and bolt elongation, as well as the 'Prevailing torque test' and 'MIL-N-25027 test' specified in 'JIS B1056, JASO F 106-96'. Using test items specified in the 'JIS B 1084' and 'ISO16047' standards. 25027 test" as stipulated in JIS B1056 and JASO F 106-96.
    The rotation angle-torque/clamping force diagram, torque-clamping force diagram, and elongation-torque/clamping force diagram can be obtained in a single measurement. Various calculation results such as torque coefficient and friction coefficient can be obtained from these results."

  • Automatic Urethane Foam Tester

    Automatic Urethane Foam Tester UFT series

    Automatic urethane foam tester for polyurethane foam with a wide sample table and high-precision load detection using a three-point load cell.
    The onboard software is specially designed to cover the hardness test standards of all automobile manufacturers and the standards for deflection testing under constant load, Easy to perform using test methods such as JIS K 6400-2 and JASO B 408.

  • Texture Tester

    Texture Tester TEX series

    The TEX series of testers can measure the hardness of food products using load values.
    It supports quality control and inspection work in the food production process, from texture, which is related to taste in product development. Checking the food products for people with difficulty in eating are in compliance with the permitted standards.

  • Simple Load Tester

    Handy Digital Force Gauge HF series

    The "HF" series are compact, easy-to-handle digital handheld force gauges.
    They can be used not only for simple tension and compression force measurement but can also be deployed for specialised tests (switch contact test, connector insertion/withdrawal, destructive test, etc.) in combination with the automatic vertical servo stand "JSV-H1000" and other models.
    Using optional equipment, measurement data with statistics can be printed out or data can be transferred to a PC.
    The line-up includes seven models ranging from 10 N to 1 kN according to capacity.

Calibration and Inspection

JIS B 7738 "Coil spring compression and tension testers" states that the period should not exceed 12 months, and verification should be carried out again after relocating.
We recommend inspection and calibration every 12 months, not only to maintain accuracy, but also to ensure safe and comfortable use for many years to come.

  • On-site inspection and calibration
  • Clear and easy-to-understand fee structure
  • Use of traceable master equipment
  • Inspection and calibration by educated and trained service engineers
  • An Inspection certificate sticker (affixed to the testing machine) and a set of inspection certificates are issued
  • Calibration and inspection of other manufacturers' testing equipment is also available, depending on the contents

Contents of calibration inspection and items to be specified

Contents of the complete set of inspection certificates issued after calibration and inspection

  • Certificate Of Inspection
  • Load inspection report
  • Length inspection report
  • Angle inspection report
  • Inspection of correction function of deflection
  • Traceability Chart
  • Other Traceability Chart (at extra cost)

*Contents vary depending on the model.

JCSS calibration

We are accredited under the JCSS, which uses ISO/IEC 17025 (JIS Q 17025) as its accreditation standard. The JCSS (IAJapan) accreditation scheme is in accordance with ISO/IEC 17011, in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (APAC) and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC).
Our Calibration Department accreditation number is JCSS 0215, and it supports International MRA. JCSS calibration certificates can be issued in English.

For the latest information on JCSS calibration
Click here to go to the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) page.



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